It’s Unpatriotic to Serve Crappy Music

It has been a while, folks. There are some months when a geezer just cannot help but face their worst fears like a man.

In so doing, they negate one or two basic obligations – in my case, bringing you a weekly talking point. I return not in a good mood, though. A bit disappointed by one grown man who clearly has little to show for his age, except a cute wife with debatable intellect, some kids and yes a street version of a Humvee.

This geezer is a local musician with some good hits, a myriad of scandals to his name, but heck he seems to have the proverbial nine lives of a cat. When I said he has some good hits under his belt, I should have used the past tense, but I won’t because of an inert sense of hope that even the worst among men will change and be good.

Make no mistake, this guy is annoyingly bad, but certainly he is no Lucifer just a guy with an exaggerated sense of self-worth a cry baby who thinks all his problems, challenges and tribulations should be shared by all and a musician who thinks it is his birthright for all to love his songs – even when he is singing for the most part about sh*t we have no clue about.

You tell me, what is Coccidiosis? So, I should stump my foot or nod my head to a tune about some poultry disease peppered with an ego fight? Count me out.

Anyway, what has so annoyed Alpha Male about this guy?

Under the guise of patriotism and a call on Ugandans to promote their own, this guy has in the last week gone on social media to attack two radio personalities – a faceless DJ and a seasoned presenter.

Their crime? Not ‘feeling’ his music and instead playing Nigerian and other genres. Seriously?

It is like me attacking you for NOT reading this – which in my view [if I were Bebe Cool] is the best thing to come out of Uganda post-eclipse. He goes on to rant like those mizigo women who would even bare their backsides to show discontent while blubbering gibberish.

Bebe Cool, it is even the more unpatriotic on your part to subject your countrymen and women to crappy music when there is infinite opportunity to make it better. A musician is as good as their last song we as fans or listeners or party people should not be held in chains to treat our ears to crap from a so-called big star whose music stopped spelling the word BIG at the turn of the decade.

The energy you spend in self-aggrandisement would be better spent writing the next hit on a more serious issue than who is hating who or whining about a wife leaving her marital bed.

But let me also not judge you all too harshly on song and message we party people would dance to anything with lyrics showing us the middle finger as long as the beat was good. For crissakes, I have no idea what Skelewu means, but boy, that jam sounds nice.

I would listen to you overnight if your latest hit sounded as good – like I did many years ago when you released King of the Jungle. To be honest, I have no clue what you were saying in that song, but I loved the beat and even more, you were still modest and well-mannered.

Now, if there is anyone that needs to grow up, it’s not your discerning fan or radio DJ it is you, ndugu!

Source : The Observer

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