It’s not too late for poll reforms, says cleric


Retired Kampala Diocese Assistant Bishop David Zac Niringiye has said it is not too late for government to implement electoral reform proposals.

Bishop Niringiye, one of the civil society activists championing a campaign for free and fair elections, said between now and 2016, there is still ample time for government to table the reforms in Parliament.

He was speaking to representatives of political parties during a national consultation on free and fair elections dialogue at Gulu District council hall on Wednesday.

Bishop Niringiye challenged the populace to compel government to promote democracy.
“Most of the time, the citizens tend to fear government, but this is very wrong, it is instead us, the citizens who should be feared by government because when we build pressure that can expose it, changes are bound to be made. Why don’t we build this pressure now?” Bishop Niringiye said.

He added: “We should understand that Mr Museveni is hired by the Uganda electorates, and in the same way, we can fire him out of the position we have put him.”

Retired Bishop of Kitgum Diocese Macleod Baker Ochola observed that if the country conducts an election minus the proposed electoral reforms, democracy in the country is bound to be no more.

“This is an emergency issue that Parliament needs to address urgently. The people of Uganda are demanding free and fair elections come 2016 their opinions have been submitted to the government representatives but no action has been taken.”

The national consultation on free and fair electoral reform was launched in November last year by the civil society activists.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor