It’s good to learn office etiquette

There is no doubt that many workers spend much of their time at work than they could possibly do at home. Therefore, the workplace becomes a second home where people of different origins, race and colour meet.
As they mingle, then character issues begin to emerge, which are usually a pointer to one’s level of education, upbringing and attitude.
Like what happens in most soap operas, some workers find the workplace as space for befriending and disliking others, sometimes fighting and loving. Workplaces are also ideal for finding marriage partners but this depends on one’s suitability and company policy.
Some workers are perpetrators of unfair office practices such as taking credit for others’ work, theft, and sexual harassment. Yet many others find it very okay to speak loud over the phone (even for private conversations) and allowing their visitors to use company resources such as Internet and computers for private work.
Ironically, management feigns ignorance or is always not aware of such counterproductive behaviour not until costs escalate.
Therefore, promoting good office behaviour should be every employee’s responsibility. Every employee deserves a good working environment to ably perform better that’s why a harmonious- work style should be exhibited.
Teams can disagree and conflicts emerge. In fact, it is common for co-workers to occasionally become enemies. The temporary enmity takes forms of not greeting each other, sometimes, after trivial and often useless arguments. The danger is for one worker to overtly dislike others. This simply means that if they are not, then he or she is the problem and should be helped to manage anger better.
The workplace is a tricky environment you will never know what your neighbour likes unless you are aware of their emotions. Practicing good mannerism is thus a surest way for acceptance at the workplace.

The writer is a human resources expert and a journalist.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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