It’s a 247 deal at Cayenne Express

Getting the brand right for any eatery is never easy. Early this year, a certain restaurant in Kabalagala opened their doors hoping to tap into the fine dining market that Kampala has to offer. No expense was spared into making it a first class establishment.

Unfortunately, Kabalagala as a choice for a good eating joint proved to be unwise since the area is better known as being a red light district where cheap booze whores and such was the order of the day. In the end they closed shop and moved on.

Besides choosing a good location, one must also know their target market and in the above case, despite everything being in place had they been in Nakasero or such an upscale address they probably would have done a lot better.

This brings me to Cayenne Express. One year ago they opened with one place in Bugolobi Village Mall and today they have five in different Nakumatt stores around town, something which shows forward planning. You cannot build a brand without expanding your base and just like Café Javas, so to have Cayenne Express followed suit.

Located in Oasis Mall, not only is it strategically situated if only by virtue of being the first Nakumatt store to open several years back, but has the added aantage of being open 247. This is not the case in the other branches and from what I understand customer response has been definitely positive.

The menu
The menu is understandably diversified viz. Asian, Continental and American. Among the items from which to choose are chicken Biryani, pilau. Lasagna is another one of those rare finds and here one has the choice of either the veg or meat version. Burgers and franks as well as wraps and pizzas, chicken wings and whole grilled chicken.

It is a fair comment that within a span of less than a year Cayenne Express is succeeding into becoming a popular and well-liked brand and this is no small measure due to the strategic location of the establishments.

On the other hand, just think if they had not been a standalone take away and were situated say where KFC is?

If you go
Address: Oasis Mall,
Atmosphere: Pleasant
Noise level: Reasonable
Service: No complaints
Prices: It depends on your wallet, if you are in the mood to splurge then go for the ‘family feast box’ at Shs 89,000 while for the single person the individual treat would do very nicely at Shs 13,000 and if you are really tight with the bread and still set on Cayenne Express then the ka portable rolex with a mini coke for Shs 4,000 would do nicely.
Recommended: Cayenne chicken wings
Drinks: Sodas and mineral water
Open: 247
Reservations: Not required
Wheel chair access: Not accessible
Parking: No problem
Ratings: Worth a visit

SOURCE: Daily Monitor