It is the regime

When I was younger, I wanted to be an MP. You go out to the village, visit hut after hut sharing my plans for our humble constituency. We would be a people that were self reliant.

So in this taxi, a young lady is on phone frustrated with a caller who perhaps asked for money she wasn’t willing to give. ‘ With this Museveni regime, you just can’t stay there doing nothing, you will die without money! Woah! Of course after she ended the call, the ‘whole taxi’ looked at her for an explanation.
No one said a word though, but she was quick to explain. ‘The money already gets finished before you start using it, so I wonder why anyone can just sit there and not come up with anything to do.’ We remained silent, but I couldn’t help but wonder how she had gotten to know of previous regimes or what she had been using to look so young after doing nearly 30 years with one president. Botox perhaps!

Well, I once had a boss who was impatient or more like confused at the many hats Ugandans wear. He once mentioned to me that one time the office help after doing her core tasks, went to his office with suits and asked if he would like to buy.

Sometimes the driver doubled as a broker. Just a few days I was in queue in an office on appointment when a young lady came to me and that was my cue to walk to the boardroom. Only for her to tell me Oh I was just checking on you, if you would like fruits or some juice. I am selling’ I thought she was the boss’s PA. I met another person who I often knew to do the cleaning and errands for an office. Once, in his hearing I mentioned some work I needed to be done and beforehand, he offered a card and he was a ‘technical aiser’ for a firm. The cleaning was his side job.

On a daily basis I hear people talking about doing ‘something on the side’ or a ‘ka side business’. Sometimes the offer to help or connect you to someone comes from where you least expect it. In conversation I could mention that I need a couple of spoons and a lawyer in the group will dial and then tell you, he sells utensils on the side The experts could have an explanation to this, either an enterprising, multi- tasking nation or one unstable unfocused lot.. but I suppose for now it is the regime.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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