It eventually gets better

Back in the day, being mom boarded on experiencing a daily nightmare for me. In those days i believed i was the worst mom in the world. I recall the back to back frustration of fighting with each child, particularly the older child. It felt like I always said one thing and the children did the opposite.

We fought every waking moment through to the sunset. We would fight to wake up while when I wanted to sleep longer, the child ensured I was up early. We fought about finishing breakfast In fact, the older child had a trick of making herself cough until she threw up her breakfast which in itself literally drove me mad. Other times, the table was a playground and soon the entire house would be a mess.

We fought about doing any household chores. One child would look at me with a look that said there couldn’t be a worse person than yours truly. Many a times the children prayed that we get househelp like other families who would pick up stuff after them.

We fought to do school work because these my offsprings preferred to play than to complete homework. One particular child just couldn’t do anything without active supervision. As soon as you turned around, the dear fellow would quickly find something more interesting to do. The school books would be lost on a daily and I can’t count the many times I screamed about lost pencils and erasers.

Most of the times, the school work was incomplete and pages torn from some of the work books. I hated every school going day because I dreaded the trauma of homework. Every evening was dreadful as we made effort after effort to try and do better.

I would cry quietly on many a night in total exasperation because I loved the children and yet I knew almost all my time with them was spent fighting. Every time I entered the house after a long day at work I would speak to myself to calm down.

Back then I hated going to the children’s school for parents meetings because I dreaded what the teacher would say about my child. I hated the teacher telling me that my child was struggling and yet I knew the child’s amazing potential. I asked myself where I was going wrong and I deeply and desperately prayed to God for wisdom.

Looking back now, funny but our circumstances are somewhat close to the opposite. I still have very normal children and we get into each other’s hair more often than not and yet we just generally relate better. There’s been significant growth and I still pinch myself when I see children doing homework unsupervised. We have definitely moved miles from what used to be.
I write to encourage the tired exasperated parent…it actually gets better. The dark night does break forth into day. Oh my…it actually, really gets better, eventually!

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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