Is the end of manhood nigh?

The age of the man, as we know it, is over. It is not just around the corner anymore, it is right onto us. The woman has not only evolved into a self-efficient organism, she has also started invading our territory.

I’m talking about the relationship thing. When I started dating, which is not really that long ago, it was not common place for a girl to let a guy know she was interested in him, not a guy she had just met. Even if she would known him for a while, and wanted to make him aware of her sentiments towards him, her first line of action would not have been direct attack.

No way, sir.
A series of coy tactics, followed by possibly more obvious signals depending on how badly she wanted the man. Then she would have given up in frustration if her efforts went unrewarded, and the clock would have gone on ticking, the sun rising and setting, only her and her hurting heart as evidence.

Pretty frustrating yes, but, the alternative is rather scary. Girls doing the asking!
Of course, it has always been part of society, there have been a few bold women, but its not for the ordinary girl. Now, it is the ordinary girl who is doing her fair share of asking the idea is thrilling, but the reality is far from thrilling. I’m scared.

Last Friday, I’m standing outside a supermarket, trying to decipher if the receipt was accurate when a girl walked up to me, and said hi. Distractedly, I said hi back. she didn’t look familiar, I guessed she was simply being polite. She walked into the supermarket, and then stepped right back out.

‘excuse me’, she said, “You seem to be upset, are you alright. ‘yes, am alright thank you”, I answered back. The receipt was alright, I was heading off. But, Miss Polite wasnt done with me yet. Extending her well manicured hand, she introduced herself.

I politely inquired if we were acquainted, and she immediately answered in the negative. But, she ‘liked my dress style’. That was unexpected, but i said thanks, and turned to walk off. Then, she asked if I was in a rush. I wasn’t, infact, and I told her so. Visibly pleased, she asked if she could buy me a drink just next door. Curiosity got the better of me. It turned out she was hitting on me. And frankly, she did an excellent job, much better than the fumbling guys do when hitting on a girl.

It happened again yesterday, this time in a line at the bank. The girl in front of me simply turned and said she liked my scent. And, she was wondering where I was headed next.

Apparently, nearly all my friends have been having similar incidents. It is flattering and makes for a refreshing change, but, it is not right. Maybe, I’m too conservative, or simply old fashioned, but I don’t agree with it. It distorts the dynamics of relationships, and nature itself.

And considering that the image of a man as the man has been steadily losing its authority over the years, if this new trend becomes an acceptable thing in society, that will be the end of manhood as we know it. And the beginning of a much darker world.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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