Is Shell V power petrol priced higher

Shell V-Power and Shell Fuel Save Unleaded petrol are composed differently to provide different benefits. Shell V-Power is formulated to improve power and performance whereas Shell Fuel Save unleaded petrol has been formulated on the economy platform and designed to last longer by reducing energy losses in the engine. Shell V-Power is unleaded petrol like Shell FuelSave but with a higher octane rating ranging between 98 and 100 as it varies across different markets.

Octane is a measure of a fuel’s tendency to knock when it is mixed with air and burned in the cylinder of an engine. This octane rating is not based on the amount of chemical octane in the gasoline. Shell V- Power is pure petrol with higher octane rating which burns slower than lower octane petrol.

The slow burn prevents premature combustion which increases the explosive power of this fuel and makes it suitable for motorists who want to experience the thrill of a powerful engine performance. Shell FuelSave Unleaded petrol is formulated with chemicals which increase fuel economy by keeping the engine intake valves free of deposits which waste petrol and prevent efficient burning.

Shell Fuel Save unleaded has a chemical which lubricates the upper piston ring, where engine oil ordinarily does not reach. This helps to reduce energy loss caused by friction between the piston and cylinder surface during the combustion cycles. This is suitable for the motorist who wants to save by driving further on each litre of fuel.

Shell FuelSave Unleaded is priced as any other regular fuel, despite its economy benefits, because at Shell we believe that if our customers save fuel and money by using Shell Fuel Save Unleaded, this will improve their business and livelihoods.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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