Is Mayiga Observing Ceasefire or Surrendering? [analysis]

Something spectacular happened early this month – on April 2. The katikkiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga, visited the administrative seat of the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA).

The elected leader of the city, Lord Mayor Ssalongo Erias Lukwago, was denied entry. The katikkiro passed by Lukwago at the entrance as he was being shoved by police led by the naiumlve and notorious Sam Omala. Inside KCCA, Mayiga was received by KCCA Executive Director Jennifer Musisi, who wore a wide smile of a victor.

As the katikkiro smiled and enjoyed his every moment at KCCA, Lukwago the vanquished and Lubaga North MP Moses Kasibante remained stranded at the gate. At the end, Musisi gave Mayiga Shs 14 million and served him lunch. The money was Musisi’s contribution towards Mayiga’s fundraising drive to renovate Kasubi tombs and complete Masengere building in Bulange, code-named ettoffaali.

Mayiga accepting to embrace Musisi as Lukwago is being shoved at the gate is a defining moment in our struggle to liberate our country. Make no mistake, Musisi is not the problem. She is merely a proxy in this struggle. She symbolizes the total occupation the Buganda Kingdom Constitutional Review Commission documented in 2005.

The commission comprised John Katende, Apollo Makubuya, Charles Peter Mayiga, Hajji Mahboob Ssemakalu, Ssewava Sserubiri and late Kamala Kanamwangi. The Commission issued a 51-page booklet of what it called Major issues to be presented to the Uganda Constitutional Review Commission.

On page 42, the Commission observed: “The current Constitution omitted to include Kampala district among the districts that make up the kingdom of Buganda. To omit the kingdom’s most important and sacred traditional ancestral institutional sites, is viewed by Baganda as illogical, unfair and an unnecessary humiliation and mockery of their culture and disrespect for their cultural institutions. Some regard it as occupation.”

Museveni never wanted to carry Kampala to Kiruhura. He simply wanted to superintend over it, parcel it and distribute it to his cronies. He attempted to achieve this through the enactment of the KCCA Act. Because he was too busy with his life presidency project, the MPs never helped him achieve it all.

In fact he only realized after elections that the lord mayor was the political head of the city. That is how he decided to stage a coup. Musisi is, therefore, an agent of the coup d’eacutetat and we must resist any effort to legitimize her office. It is not Musisi that we are legitimizing but the occupation of our city by Museveni.

I know the katikkiro is genuinely collecting ettoffaali to rebuild Buganda but what will it be for if you have to first surrender it to be given money. Federalism is one of five core issues outlined in the document Mayiga helped to author.

The document defines federalism as “helping the central government to provide services more efficiently and provide more effective development to the people. It is about sharing power and responsibilities between the central government and regional governments.”

Federalism is further defined in this document as providing more prosperity, more wealth, more feeling of belonging and participation in governance by marginalized and non-marginalized people.

The option of begging and receiving handouts from the regime or its agents is not only limited to the katikkiro. It is available to all of us. Erias Lukwago would be swinging in his chair if that was what he chose.

The reason we remain committed in our pursuit of federalism is simply because we detest the culture of the givers and the given. Musisi, Museveni and these bafere businessmen in town purporting to be the main backers of ettoffaali are rich because they have unfairly benefited from our sweat.

Buganda was never meant to be turned into a perpetual beggar. All we clamour for is sharing of national resources and responsibilities. That is the federalism that we want. Fundraising is okay but should not replace pursuit of our main objective as a people.

I am excited about the completion of Masengere and Kasubi tombs but those are two projects on the long list of 15 that Mayiga outlined in his inaugural speech on Monday, June 24, 2013.

That list included fighting poverty, tackling poorquality education, unemployment, poor healthcare, markets for our produce and putting money in our (Buganda) treasury.

In the same speech, Mayiga outlined the core issues to include: federalism, respect (privileges and immunities of our Kabaka) and the return of the 9,000sq miles of Buganda land. Fundraising should move side by side with pursuit of these issues.

The Mayiga administration should not send mixed signals. I, for example, don’t understand why the Hotel Africana Ttabamiruka was quietly murdered. I also don’t understand why Buganda activists are being demobilized.

Yes there was cessation of hostile propaganda in the MOU but did it mean capitulation on our part? I know bootlickers will dismiss and blackmail me but silence on my part will be betrayal. I want to escort katikkiro taking federal demands to Parliament and not collection of ettoffaali from Jennifer Musisi.

The author is Kyadondo East MP.

Source : The Observer