Is It Just Brutality That Gets the Nanny Fired?

A nanny is a woman who is paid by parents to look after their child or children.

It could also mean a female goat. But since I am a vegetarian, I won’t discuss goats. However, there is this video clip that recently went viral about a nanny – or babysitter – who subjected a little girl to crude and sickening cruelty that made me believe evil spirits do exist.

If you were to gather the amount of anger that video generated on social media and turned it into a lethal weapon, it would kill that nanny instantly. Sentences either began or ended with ‘mscheeeewww’ to express how folks were emotionally erupting. The said nanny was fired and eventually arrested by law enforcement agencies.

But apart from this tragic incident, there are other reasons that do get nannies fired. Some of them consume 10 per cent of the shopped food. Food that used to last for a week before she became part of the family now lasts only 48 hours. You only realise it when you start spending more on food than rent.

There is no way somebody will keep a babysitter who switches roles with the baby. This happens when the nanny starts craving the baby’s food and uses the baby powder to brighten her face. Some of them take it a notch higher and start wearing the baby’s dresses as blouses, or tops as they call them of late.

You know that it is time to let her go when the baby starts losing weight as the babysitter starts gaining it. Some nannies have got themselves fired because of divulging too much information. How can you babysit and know the programme line-up of all the channels on the Dstv cable network at the same time?

They are usually keen on updating the baby’s mother on the happenings during a TV series episode that she may have missed, not knowing they are indirectly setting themselves up. They tend to know everything that is happening in the neighbourhood. They know which couple fought last night which boda boda guy is sleeping with the neighbour’s house girl, especially if they have some rivalry with those house girls.

Chances are also high that a babysitter will be fired if the baby grows fonder of her than its mother. It is even worse when the maid is the point of reference every time they need to know anything about the child, especially when they are visiting a doctor.

But what takes the crown of reasons a nanny gets fired is when she get too close to the man of the house. They are quick to compliment the fella, provide the menu and dress skimpily enough to generate interest in the man, who at the end of the day is only but a man.

Well, as they like to say in the medical field, if such symptoms persist, a smart mother will have to behave like a Rotarian before taking action. She will have to apply the four-way test of the things we think, say or do: is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned?

Will it promote goodwill and better friendship? Will it be beneficial to all concerned? And, as they say, the rest will be history.

Source : The Observer

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