Internet Tops As Most Valued Innovation

As the one of the greatest and most valued innovations, the internet received 53% of votes in the latest public survey by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), beating smartphones and satellite navigation.

The internet has become an integral part of everyday life, quickly becoming the single most influential platform for instantly developing and sharing emerging global trends.

The United Nations in 2011 declared that the internet is a human right which partly explains the huge outcry from American internet users in reference to President Barack Obama’s proposal to regulate the Internet as a public utility.

Pundits argue that such a move would tantamount to ‘Pushing to replace the engine of a car that runs perfectly well’ and that it would slow innovation and raise costs. In short, ‘It would be bad news for the economy.’

We all agree that a computer is useless unless it is connected to the internet especially in an era where instant gratification rules. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are therefore expected to provide faster connections and even more data.

Faster internet connections mean that customers will use substantial chunks of data within shorter periods of time. The higher and increased demand therefore translates into higher returns for the service provider.

Would it therefore make business sense for an Internet Provider to go out of its way and sensitize its customers on how to regulate and manage their data usage?

Nancy Muttu, the Senior Manager – Marketing at Smile Communications said sensitizing customers on how to optimally utilize their internet bundles is in line with the company’s core values of Humanity, Humility, Integrity and Innovation.

“We have introduced data management and speed control options for our customers to help them better manage their own data thereby minimizing wastage. A customer has to log into their account portal to choose with option best suits them,” she said.

Putting this into perspective, IT experts have continuously explained that sites like YouTube detect the speed of one’s internet connection and automatically deliver videos as high definition (HD). The downside here is that with HD resolution videos, a customer ends up using three times more data compared to a standard video.

Internet Service firms are continuously innovating so as to enable users stay connected for longer maximizing the benefits the internet has to offer.

Source : East African Business Week

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