Internet service provider upgrades Kampala’s capacity to lower costs

KAMPALA – Infocom, now owned by Liquid Telecom, a data, voice and IP provider in eastern, central and southern Africa, has unveiled a major upgrade of its international Internet gateway in Kampala.

This has been done with the installation of technology to provide 16 times more international Internet capacity: in the form of aanced networks to the local Internet service providers supplied by Liquid Telecom.

Mr Duncan Nimuhane, the network manager at Infocom, said they want to connect more Ugandans to cheaper and more reliable Internet that is expected to bring down business costs and improve efficiency.

Liquid Telecom, which last year acquired one of Uganda’s longest serving Internet service providers, Infocom, is the only internet company with its own fibre ring drawing on all five undersea cables entering East Africa, and linking Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania in thousands of kilometres of fibre optic cabling.

Later in October, the company unveiled a Shs2 billion investment programme in its internet infrastructure across Uganda, including the tripling of its Points of Presence, the upgrading of its data centre, and the connection of a series of Ugandan rural towns to its fibre internet backbone.

Liquid Telecom’s recent investment in the country is expected to boost the Internet industry in Uganda and the East African region, with the creation of the first regional fibre ring, the East Africa Fibre Ring.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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