Internationally renowned preacher Dr Munroe, wife killed in plane crash

In a spirit of love and taking responsibility, a team of Monitor Publication employees, dubbed Jaguars, ensured that pupils of Busiro Primary School, a remote and disaantaged learning centre in Luuka District, went through their finals exams with cheers and abound smiles.

It sounds strange although true, especially in this era, that a substantial part of school-going children in Uganda have no basic scholastics material such as pens and exercise books, leaving them to use the dusty floor as the note book and sticks as the pencil or pen.

According to the school director of studies, Mr Charles Waiswa, this predicament is not only a permanent fixture for pupils in lower classes but also predominant among the candidates—those doing their final exams before qualifying for secondary school.

“We have pupils in the candidate class who have never owned a mathematical set yet it is an important tool that each candidate must have and know how to use it,” Mr Waiswa told the Monitor team, who together with Shreeji Stationers 2009 (U) Ltd donated several scholastic materials to the disaantaged pupils recently.

He added that “Most of the pupils will be using this scholastics materials comprising dozens of books, pens or pencil, and sets among others, for the first time in their lives, including those in candidate classes.”

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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