Intellectual honesty is greater than material wealth

At the recently held Kabale University graduation ceremony, Prof Augustus Nuwagaba praised the chancellor’s intellectual wealth and several university leaders who dislike the latter’s guts were unhinged from their chairs. Anyone who feels uncomfortable because another person has been recognised as a performer is an intellectual dwarf.
Recently in a supermarket, I was approached by a lady who endearingly inquired “Are you Professor Kanyeihamba?”
“Yes,” I said.
She then said, “We love you. I read all your articles and others on you in the press. Please continue teaching us. Thank you.”
Before I could thank her in turn, she hurried away. Several other shoppers who heard her remarks bowed to me as if in agreement with the remarks of the mysterious lady. This contrasts with intellectual poverty of a well-known professor who surrendered his intellectual honesty to receive periodic hand-outs of goods and favours from the country’s political establishment.
Following the publication of my book, The Blessings and Joy of Being Who You Are, an acquaintance of both of us commended my efforts and asked that professor in the company of the latter’s benefactors whether he had read my book. The professor dismissively said, “Who in his senses would read such trash as Kanyeihamba writes?”
Acrobatically, when he met me later in company of other people, he warmly greeted me and shouted praises about my books.
On the last occasion we met he remarked, “The Blessings and Joy of Who You Are is a classic book and should be made a compulsory reading for Ugandans of all ages”. Notwithstanding that I was conversant with what he had earlier said about the same book to his benefactors, I still believe his remarks mainly because characters like him do things adaptable for all occasions.
Ecclesiastes 9:18 says, “Wisdom is preferable to all weapons of war.” Many world leaders, including President Yoweri Museveni, are known or have been known to prefer the company of people with intellectual honesty, even if at times those leaders are irritated by honest intellectual utterances.
Undoubtedly, the worst national catastrophe is the failure of the ministry of Education. It continues to exonerate its inabilities and abysmal performance. It has readily accepted intellectual dwarfism, corruption, incompetence and bogus awards in schools, colleges and universities as normal.
The minister of Education has constantly received aice and warnings both privately and publicly about all these ghastly horrors, but appears to continue ignoring or condoning the same entrusting her senior officials to bottle the grave concerns of citizens. The ignorance and corruption that exist in the Ministry of Education and Sports, if not halted now, will soon and not later cripple Uganda’s development and the welfare of its people.
Uganda’s achievements have sank below acceptable levels amongst the nations of the world. If Uganda was like Japan or China, our ministers would commit suicide for the abysmal failures of their failures and the long term aerse effects they have inflicted on the people of Uganda.

Prof Kanyeihamba is a retired Supreme Court judge.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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