Inside CEC – What Amama Mbabazi Camp Claims?

The Independent Magazine has learned from a source near John Patrick Amama Mbabazi (JPAM that ” The amendment that President Museveni brought last night was to abolish the posts of Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General and all General Secretaries at all levels to village level with immediate effect. ”

The source further said the position of Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer must be abolished at all levels to village level and that they must be abolished with immediate effect in line with the amendment of last night.

According to this source, Secretary General JPAM said it is illegal to abolish any elective post. The NRM constitution and the governing laws require that notice be given which was not done. JPAM said that he will make a presentation to NEC today outlining his legal opinion on the matter.

On whether he walked out in protest, the source refutes this claim. “He asked for leave to go and prepare his presentation and since him and his wife share transport, they left together. They never walked out in protest as has been reported,” the source clarifies.

If word from this source is to go by, then the proposal has far reaching implications and impacts many people. Because of its far reaching extent, it could generate spontaneous opposition. The party constitution requires the usual 21 days’ notice to delegates. This proposal could thus attract a robust legal challenge since the notices published have never stated the content of the proposed amendments.

Source : The Independent

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