In dire need of life-saving brain surgery

Blisse Wynet Nabakka, sits quietly on her sister’s lap, and when she speaks, it is in whispers in her sister’s ear. Once in a while, her voice is loud enough to be heard she wants a soda. For the moment, the horrendous headaches that plague her, have subsided.

“It began in December last year when Blisse’s mother saw her limping and thought that she was just copying a walking style probably from school,” recalls Dick Wasswa, Nabakka’s uncle.

However, skepticism turned to alarm when the four-year-old girl, who used to suck her left thumb suddenly could not lift her hand to her mouth. The whole left arm had begun shortening noticeably.
This forced the mother to ask for an opinion from a friend, who is a doctor
“The doctor aised us to go immediately to Mulago hospital for conclusive checkups to find out what was wrong,” says Wasswa.

By this time the girl was having headaches that could not be relieved by painkillers. At the hospital, after an MRI scan, the diagnosis revealed that Nabakka had a brain tumour, and was in need of urgent stereotactic biopsy and thereafter, stereotactic radiotherapy. Wasswa adds that, “the consultant neurosurgeon aised us to go to
Nakasero Hospital for a second opinion. They confirmed the diagnosis.”Since the discovery of her condition, Nabakka has been put on oral and intravenous painkillers to lessen the headaches that she suffers as the result of the tumour, until her family can raise about Shs75m needed for the surgery at Yashoda Hospital in Hyderabad, India.
“The medication can only support her for a short period of time. There are days when she vomits the whole night and now cannot walk for long periods of time, ” explains Wasswa.
The family is calling on Good Samaritans to help raise the money needed for the operation.

How you can help
To fundraise for Blisse Nabakka’s surgery, call 0772 359668 . You can send your contribution through Barclays Bank Uganda, Account Number 6004645691 and Centenary Bank Uganda, Account Number 2520084760.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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