Imbalu Comes to Makerere

At 5:30pm on Saturday November 1, the cultural gala at Makerere University became a Basoga Nseete affair, as the students’ association emerged overall winners of the hotly-contested gala.

The others who had been reduced to tears by their loss to Gabula Nadiope’s subjects were, however, consoled by an ecstatic event of the imbalu (circumcision) organized by the Bamasaba Makerere University Students Association (BAMUSA). Amidst cheers and jubilations, the BAMUSA performed the traditional ceremony of circumcision at Makerere University for the first time, choosing University hall for the honours.

Multitudes of students were attracted to the event. Paul Weboya, the culture minister University Hall also a son of Mbale in eastern Uganda, expressed his happiness having hosted the mega event at his hall of residence, adding that UH was chosen for its historical hospitality and calmness.

Joshua Bwayo, 17, an S1 student at Oxford High School-Mbale was the day’s candidate for circumcision, transitioning from boy to man at the country’s oldest and biggest university campus. Bwayo’s uncle Juma Kimanai of Napooli village, Mbale, said: ”

It was yesterday (Friday) that they called requesting for a candidate for circumcision and as a family we agreed to it. We really loved it when we were called to Makerere and we hope Bwayo will study hard and come here also.”

He also said: “The association has contributed Shs 400,000 for the boy and I am sure it will add to his school fees.”

For Zakayo Muramuzi, Bwayo’s elder brother, his dream of getting to Makerere University was realized in a twisted way, since his education had stopped in A-level.

Source : The Observer

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