I’m ready to work, says Lukwago


After resettling in his office, Kampala capital city Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has said: “Let’s put the daggers and our differences aside and merge synergies to develop Kampala.”

“I harbor no ill-heart or intention against anyone and this is the message I have for any antagonists who threw daggers against me, and I meant it because this comes from the bottom of my heart,” Mr Lukwago said moments after settling at the helm of City Hall today.Mr Lukwago who first refused to occupy his office chair before in the morning, saying he wanted a Sheikh to pray for it, He then urged the KCCA technical wing led by Ms Jennifer Musisi to let the past go.

“Please come back to work because we have a duty to deliver to the people of Kampala and time is not on our side,” he said.Unlike in the past, heavily escorted by Police equipped with riot armories, Mr Lukwago entered the gates of City Hall, the official seat of KCCA at exactly 8:40am and parked at the Lord Mayors parking slot.

“I am gratified that “Omuloodi waali” [loosely translated as the ‘Lord Mayor is around’],” the smiling Lukwago said to his entourage on getting out of his car.

At 9:26am, Mr Lukwago held a news conference while flanked by his deputy Mr Kidandala, the Councillors Shifah Lukwago, Allan Ssekweyama, Ida Nakuya and one his legal brains Mr Medard L. Ssegona.

“This is a historical moment in the history of Kampala. I came with a mission at City Hall to turn around things and improve Kampala and I am steadfast to deliver that. It has been a strenuous protracted legal battle but at least we are close to the apex,” he boasted while chest thumping.

SOURCE: Daily Monitors

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