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More than 1,200 students will be awarded degrees and diploma from Uganda Christian University in Mukono today at an event where Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi is expected to be the chief guest.
The first part of the 15th Uganda Christian University graduation ceremony will see more women graduating than men with a total of 646 females compared to 593 males.

The ceremony of passing out a total of 1,239 graduates will start at 9am.
Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration course has the highest number with 307 graduating out of whom 204 are women.
The list obtained shows 22 students are graduating with First-Class Honours, 10 of them are male while 12 are female.

Best students
Overall, the best two students with a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.76 are Jonathan Tumwebaze who studied Bachelor of Development Studies and Julius Izza Tabi who studied Bachelor of Divinity. They are both from the main campus in Mukono.

This graduation ceremony is also special to the university as it celebrates 10 years since it got the charter as the first private university in Uganda.

Best students share their stories
Nabbos Mujuni – Bachelor of Public Administration and Management (4.40): Mujuni says it is not about the points that one gets in A-Level, but it is about one’s determination and focus. “I joined university with 15 points but I had the confidence that I would perform well.” He adds that one should have friends who are positive and are able to share their knowledge. He hopes to get a job soon and later enroll for a Master’s degree. He also commends UCU for the tutorial groups that engage students and lecturers plus the fellowships and other services that transform students’ spiritual lives.

Ruth Buteme – Bachelor of Agricultural Science and Entrepreneurship (4.65): “I worked hard to get the best. I wanted to do medicine but did not get the points for it. I decided to do agriculture.
I worked hard, I prioritised because I wanted to excel.” Already Buteme has a poultry farm with 200 kroilers. “I hope to have a large farm with livestock in the future,” she says.

Benjamin Senyonyi – Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (4.63): Senyonyi says he believed in himself and set his goals that he was determined to achieve.
“I also chose friends who were focused and above all trusted God in everything,” he adds. He says the course was challenging but he learnt to work hard and to manage time. He hopes to work for a year and then pursue a Master’s programme thereafter.

Betty Akalo – Bachelor of Counselling and Guidance (4.49): “I have four children and they are excellent in school, going back home with a terrible GPA was not an option for me. I am happy and grateful to God that I am a good example to my children. With my degree in Guidance and Counselling, I hope to create employment opportunities for the youth in our country. I have a vision of starting a study centre for an agricultural school where people will get skills in farming and at the same time, to restore hope in those that have lost it.”

Hilder Nanyondo – Bachelor of Public Administration and Management (4.58): My late brother was a hardworking man. He left a gap that needed to be filled. When he died I decided I would walk in his footsteps. I read overnight when everyone was asleep to easily grasp. I see myself as a strong aocate for women’s right. I have been to other countries and women are treated with respect and dignity. I want to be a woman who will fight for the rights of Ugandan women.

Esther Nakanjako – Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (4.75): Nakanjako says she did not expect to get a first class degree although she joined UCU with 20 points in A-Level from Seeta High School, Mukono. “I always kept note of whatever the lecturer pointed out and sought assistance from someone who was better than me in class,” she said. She hopes to get a job soon to practice whatever she has learnt and to apply for a Master’s programme in future.

Rita Mbabazi – Bachelor of Public Administration and Management (4.46): Growing up I met people who went to university just because they had to. I made up my mind that I would not be like them. I decided I would come to university and excel at what I did. While doing this Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and Management I had to sacrifice a number of things that I love to do in order to get a first class. I sacrificed a lot of leisure time with my friends, going out and much more. In five years from today I want to have a human resource job in government so that I play my role in preventing money meant for the citizens from being swindled by selfish individuals.”

Stella Kulia – Bachelor of Agricultural Science and Entrepreneurship (4.46): I always did well in school, my dad always trusted in me, so me excelling is not a big surprise. However, it was not easy. I was able to do this through hard work. I also trusted in God. I have started an agricultural business, I have set up screen houses where my fiancé and I grow avocado, jack fruit and mango and citrus seeds. I have decided to be self-employed. My dream was to become a veterinary doctor in five years to see myself managing a 50 acre farm in northern Uganda with the largest green house growing vegetable and targeting South Sudan and Sudan.

Jonathan Twebaze – Bachelor of Development Studies (4.76): “It was expected to work hard always. When I came to UCU, I fell in hands of people that encouraged me to work hard. I plan to enroll for a Masters in Research and Public Policy. Research is my passion and my parents have encouraged me. In five years I will be presenting my thesis for my PhD and will be in full time research.

Peter Nemeye – Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (4.75): “I am so excited about getting a first class. I was recovering from a motor accident and this set me backwards. I joined university a bit later than my colleagues. I wanted to prove to myself that regardless of what had happened to me, I could still excel. That was my goal. I like to be the best. My family has been very supportive. I hope to get a job in my field and later go for my Master’s degree.”

Joyce Nabaterega – Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and Social Administration (4.46): “I was motivated to work hard by my siblings who all missed out on a first class by a whisker while at campus. I decided I will make it. I did not waste time while at campus. I never went out clubbing. I hope to start my own NGO in the future to help orphans. I love children and would like to make a difference in a needy child’s life.”

Julius Tabbi Izza – Bachelor of Arts in Divinity (4.76): “It is not a surprise to me because right from my primary school through secondary I knew my potential of doing well at school. My first semester’s result which was 4.75 GPA encouraged me and made me know that I could do more. I kept trusting God and was able to get the first class through the six semesters with the least GPA being 4.58 and the highest 4.92. I worked very hard for it. I always prayed for it.”


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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