ICC: Let’s suffer fools gladly before we arrive

It was sight to behold. There was a lugubriously looking International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda with her head under what looked like a discounted wig.

It was obvious she had reluctantly climbed down the high horse, and humble pie was safely tucked away in her belly.

In her heavy accent she conceded that the trial of the Kenyan President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta had for all intents and purposes ended in frustration –for good.

In 2008, I had a contractual obligation and there was no choice but to take the risk of going to Kenya as the violence was ending.

It was a terrible experience of human suffering and humiliation. The unhygienic over populated internally displaced people’s camps, burning houses, churches and business premises, sodomised men, raped women and bodies – victims of the brutality of mobs. Even the bravest of souls would be moved. I prayed for the day the perpetrators would be punished.

When the option of the ICC came up, it was loaded with promise. But that was only until the actual operation of delivering justice played out.

First they selected a few people to go on trial and left out many who had played a part in instigating the violence. They tried so hard to build cases by (and this acrimony is documented) using inducements, plus outright lies. Slowly these were exposed and that is how the list of those to be tried got shorter with time.

From then on, the true nature, character and intentions of the ICC was brought to the fore. In my opinion, the ICC is just another arrogant part of the Western agenda to entrench itself as the leader of the world.
From time immemorial, the West has been part of almost all the major events in the world that have led to the death of humanity. From slave trade, the World Wars, the Holocaust, the abuse of human rights on all continents through their support of dictators, especially during the Communism – Capitalism ideological polarisation.

The incessant wars of the Middle East, especially the one that has pitted Arabs against the Jews. The so-called collateral damage in the war on terror, etc, has not seen any Western leader being smacked on the wrist. These wars have left many displaced, diseased, hungry and homeless leading to the deaths of millions –more than what you had in Kenya.

The West has supported corrupt leaders who deny their people basic health care, food and water and many have ended up in early and avoidable graves.
The ICC to the West is akin to a ‘corporate social responsibility’ exercise by a mean and exploitative company. It is an avenue to wash its conscience after years of manipulation and extortion of society. This selective justice to them is what they are ‘giving back’ to a society that has had no choice but look on as they abuse power.

And they are quite cynical. To spice things up, they decide to employ a black female prosecutor. This trick is borrowed from the American culture in which institutions give prominence to minorities, especially Black people who are derogatorily termed as ‘house niggers’ -to show that they are not racist –even if the person wields no power.

In this case, Besounda is being fronted as part of this ‘Africans solving African problems’ since the ICC’s victims are mainly African.

But not all is lost. I think this failure to prosecute Kenyatta has a plus side. It is time we as Africans the victims of bad governance and injustice take matters into our own hands. We have to come up with effective mechanisms that make it clear to our leaders and their acolytes that it is risky to abuse our rights.

Western-sponsored measures like the ICC are never going to be effective because the West is about its own interests. Egypt is a case in point. The West supported the Egyptian Chapter of the Arab spring until it democratically brought the Muslim Brotherhood to power.

The West then helped subvert the process taking Egypt back in the hands of the ‘Mubarakists!’
The major interest now is to show concern for the victims of injustice albeit in a selective manner. Should that change tomorrow, we shall be left holding an empty bowl.

If we continue with this attitude of waiting for a Western solution to our problems, then we shall surely suffer fools gladly before we arrive.

Mr Sengoba is a commentator on political and social issues. nicholassengoba@yahoo.com

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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