I proposed after seven years

When and how did you meet?
Hannington: We met in 2006 at church, Praise Cathedral Ntinda. Jackline was in Alpha Praise Choir. She had an irresistible smile and lovely eyes. But as a pastor I had to be sure I was ready before approaching her. This took some time but God had kept her for me and in the right time, I took a manly move.

So, when did the two of you eventually become close?
Hannington: I started my move in 2013, It took her sometime to believe that I was serious but eventually she gave in to my perseverance.

Did you propose to her?
Hannington: I do not know whether it’s called proposal because I never gave her flowers or got on one knee but I told her I was going to marry her. But to be sure I popped the question anyway.

When was it and how did you react?
Jackline: One evening, he took me out for dinner. Much as he was from work, he seemed so fresh his eyes shone with anticipation as he initiated a conversation about marriage. The serious tone in his voice made me nervous, I tried to disguise my tension by sipping on coffee and kept wondering where this conversation was headed.
Before I noticed, he asked me whether I was willing to be his wife. I skipped a breath or two. Much as I was expecting this, the question made it seem so real and my answer could determine the future of our relationship. It took me some time to answer but I nodded looking straight in his eyes.
He smiled and continued with his conversation. I found myself drowning in the mixed feelings happy, anxious, confused and a desire to scream out loud and tell everyone about it. I won’t even lie to you that I heard the rest of the conversation that evening. I had crossed from girl friend to fiancée. It was exciting.

What attracted you to each other?
Hannington: She is beautiful much as beauty fades, it is what attracted me more. Her personality and attitude fascinated me. Jackie is loving, patient and such a great leader. I could see her managing the children and of course me. .
Jackline: He is happy and has a strong spiritual character. Hanny has a great sense of humour and keeps his word.

When did you come up with the wedding date?
Hannington: After the introduction ceremony, I sat with my fiancée and we chose the most suitable period for both of us. We considered factors such as weather (we avoided a rainy season since she wanted gardens for a reception), and school programme since I’m a teacher, holiday period would give me time to prepare.

What was your budget and how did you raise the funds?
Hannington: Shs30m.We used our savings and contributions from friends and relatives.

Did you involve a planner?
Hannington: No, I have a brain to do it on my own.
Jackline: No, I have planned so many weddings for my friends and was sure of what I needed. We planned this wedding with my husband and close friends.

How did you come up with the guest list?
Hannington: We considered everybody we thought was of value to us including church members, workmates, OGs, OBs and family.
Jackline: Our target was 450 guests.

What were you doing on the eve of your wedding?
Hannington: I was supervising service providers at the venue, making sure especially the decorators were set and all tents placed as planned.
Jackline: I was at the salon getting my hair styled (washing and weaving it) and nails polished. I also wanted to be sure all my bridesmaids were worked on both hair (braiding) and nails.

What was your theme colour?
Jackline: It was blue and white. Blue is my best colour and it looks very nice on my husband’s complexion, it is a neutral colour that flatters almost all skin tones of our selected entourage. White on the other hand is a bridal colour my gown was obviously white so the entourage having a little white synchronised the general entourage look.

Were you disappointed in any way during the function?
Hannington: Yes, when she cried because the DJ had played a wrong song for her performance.
Jackline: Yes, I had prepared a dance performance for my husband but the DJ had a different version of the song from what I had told him. He later got the right version but I had already got emotional.

What did you enjoy most on that day?
Hannington: I enjoyed carrying her she was finally mine and enjoyed seeing people turning up very excited and happy for us.
Jackline: The vows. At least once every month, I attend a wedding and the vows seem the same, this time, coming from my mouth, every word sounded so real. It hit me then that I had crossed over to a new and different life, a life of commitmenttill death does us apart.

What was going through your mind during the ceremony?
Hannington: I reflected on how hard it had been to get to the point we had gotten to.
Jackline: A mélange of thoughts: nothing specific, but all rotated around service providers, hoping everything is going as planned.

Did you go for premarital counselling and what did you learn from it?
Hannington: We learnt how to always remembering that learning never ends.
1. How to deal with children every child is different so take time to learn each one of them and to never let the children take up your spouse’s position.
2. How to deal with stress sharing with your spouse your moments of frustration, pain. And as a spouse, to always give her time to heal, get over it.

3. Financial management. Financial transparency is paramount in marriage, always sit down and budget together, live within your means and never stretch your partner financially since you know how much they earn.
Jackline: Yes, we did, for a month it was exciting, I learnt that marriage is a journey and it has no expert. Much as many say marriage is hard, everyone has their own load, the way you deal with it determines the ending. If my neighbour’s marriage failed, it’s not a sign that mine too is headed for that and the reverse is true. I don’t have to run my marriage like my neighbour does.

What is your aice to those planning to wed?
Hannington: They should plan, have personal savings. Involve close friends, pray for their wedding plans, and seek aice from their spiritual leaders and parents.

Jackline: They should have a target, plan ahead, save money in time and involve their trustworthy friends in the preparations.

Did you have any debts after the wedding?
Jackline: We never had any debts but instead the only person we deliberately did not pay all the money was the photo and video men because paying them would make them lazy to deliver the albums and Ds.

NHK Company baked a 10-cake tier iced . It was decorated in their theme colours blue and white cost them Shs3m. It comprised banana, fruit and coconut flavours.

The ride
We drove ourselves in a Mercedes Benz E-Convertible, and the other team cruised in Benz E-class and S-class. The sleekness and classiness of the Benzes added comfort and elegance.

The charming fairy weetheart ball gown was bought from Visma Bridal Shop. Not only did it flatter Jackline’s body but was also comfortable, elegant and suitable for church atmosphere.


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