I offered her friend a lift, she went haywire

Iam still paying for that stunt I pulled on Easter Clearly, this girl is not going to let bygones be bygones, even if it would serve us, and our relationship better if we just moved on.
And it is not that I did something horrible, like cheated on her. In comparison, it was a small thing, but trust girls to make mountains out of moles. Problem: I nearly gave her friend a lift. There is even no logic to why she would be angry at me, for giving her friend, Esther, a lift. I mean, that is what she would want, right? That her friend arrives safely at her place.

That’s what friends are for, after all. But not girl friendships, apparently. See, she thinks Esther has been giving me the eye of recent, so she does not trust her at all. Not that she trusted her before all this.

They were friends just for just, but now, she is certain Esther is bent on ousting her, and is cooking up evil schemes in that pretty little head of hers. Schemes that involve me, who is supposed to be her man.

And it infuriates her that I “pretend” not to notice Esther’s aances. To which I respond by telling her to stop hanging out with Esther because honestly, the only time I see Esther is with her. And then she gives me that look of “you are a man, you are daft.

you don’t understand”, and stomps off. But, not since last weekend. The weekend was long, I spent more time than I had before in Esther’s company. Fine, I think she is a little into me, but I cannot be sure, I was also not very sober most of the time. At some point, it was just her and I. My girl had gone off to catch up on gossip from another girl’s group.

I just could not keep quiet and not talk to Esther, it would be rude, considering that she was talking to me. And she was fun. It so happened that my girl returned at the moment when Esther was laughing her head off at something I had said, something I cannot even remember.

Did I mention that I was not sober most of the time? Then later, Esther failed to get a cab. So in the spirit of being a good friend to my girlfriend’s friends, I offered to drop her. But my girl insisted that she would get her a cab.

Twenty minutes later, the cab had not arrived and my girlfriend was nowhere to be seen. So, I told Esther to hop in. As we drove out, my girlfriend appeared, took one look at me, and at a clearly-inebriated Esther in a short skirt, and decided that whatever we had been planning was not going to happen, not tonight, not on her watch. But I had only been planning to give Esther a lift, I do not know if that is all Esther had been planning as well. She told Esther to get the heck out of the car, hopped in, and told me to go.

We left Esther standing besides the road — poor girl. And there were no cabs even. She must have had to get a boda boda, poor girl, in her short short skirt. I still feel sorry for her, but I cannot even ask how she got home because my girl will surely dump me right there and then.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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