I give MPs a chance to speak – Kadaga

PARLIAMENT. Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has rejected excuses from MPs who in trying to explain their poor performance, claimed each time they stand to speak, they struggle to catch the Speaker’s eye.
In her reaction to the poor performance of more than 200 legislators in a survey carried out by this newspaper, Ms Kadaga on Monday told Daily Monitor that every MP is given an opportunity to speak.
“During debate on the Budget and the State-of-the-Nation address, I give every MP an opportunity to speak. If you want to speak, you stand up. Once I see you, I give will you an opportunity,” Ms Kadaga said. “May be they speak in committees,” she said.

Taking note
The Speaker said she keeps track of MPs who have made contributions so that those who haven’t can be given a chance to speak.
The vice chairman of the NRM parliamentary caucus, Mr Peter Ogwang (Youth Eastern), also dismissed claims that the ruling party gags its members and called upon the authorities in Parliament to consider recording members’ contributions in the various committees.
“Every member is free to debate freely and it’s not true that the NRM gags members,” Mr Ogwang said. “The 2014 NRM caucus rules of procedure are very clear on these matters. Rule 33 (3) says where a member wishes to vote or debate contrary to the party position, he or she shall seek leave of the Chief Whip stating the grounds for voting or debating against the agreed party position.”

The background
Daily Monitor reported on Monday that more than half of the 386 MPs in the 9th Parliament have not made a meaningful contribution on the floor of Parliament.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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