I appeal to religious leaders to do their canonical work

Since I retired from evangelical work, I have been approached by church priests and archdeacons to assist them in their canonical assignments on voluntary part-time basis.

Quite often, Christians ask me why reverends or church leaders do not visit them in their homes when they are sick or need spiritual inspiration. They cited an example of someone falling sick for long without turning up for Sunday service and no reverend visits hisher home to find out why.

But after recovery and return to church, the reverend asks the Christian where heshe had been for all this while. Christians believe the reverends should seek to know what is happening to their flock. We pastors fail our canonical work as required of us in Isaiah 40:1 where our God told his servants to go and comfort his people.

Christians want spiritual healing from their pastors. It helps them recover from sickness quickly and often relieves them of many problems especially psycho-social challenges. I feel the same especially when I am sick and see Christians coming to see me and pray for me. Pastors rarely do that.

Bishops have a duty to visit retired sick reverends. The parish reverend needs to inform him in aance so that he can include the visit on his pastoral programme. It would be absurd if that retired reverend died after long illness without his bishop visiting him and the bishop starts asking for the direction the home to attend burial.

I was humbled when I saw the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda visiting an 88-year-old sick Christian’s home in my diocese of Mbarara.

The President is often shown on TV visiting some sick people, why shouldn’t our reverends?

Rtd Rev. Edward K. Kakyenkye,
Bwizibwera, Mbarara.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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