‘I am the first to drive a Benz’

The beauty queen was born 23 years ago to Mr Rogers Nsereko and Ms Angella Nakiyonga who are both running personal businesses. She has previously studied at Buganda Road Primary School, Kabojja Junior School, Kabojja International Secondary School and Vienna College Namugongo. She then attended Greenwich University of South East London where she graduated with a degree in business computing in 2012. Besides representing the country currently as Miss Uganda, she is involved in other personal projects which include music and business (specialising in hair wigs).

stronWhat are the reactions of other motorists whenever they see you driving?stronThe reactions tend to vary. There are drivers who take my pictures, stare and hoot. Then, there are those who wave and say nice compliments as well as others who shout offensive insults at me.

stronWith all that attention, don’t you often get distracted while driving on the road?stronSometimes I do. For instance, when someone waves at me, I do wave back or if someone yells Miss Uganda, I am always forced to look at their direction. One of the things that I have learnt in order to limit myself from being distracted is to always put my windows up.

stronWhat is the meanest thing another driver has said to you while you were driving on the road?stronOne afternoon as I was driving towards Bugolobi, a male driver who I think was drunk shouted, “You prostitute, you are still working?”

stronAnd what did you do when he said that?stronI was like what? Did he just say that! But then, I chose to ignore him and concentrated on driving.

stronWhat do you normally do whenever you are in your car alone?stronI listen to slow music.

stronAre you comfortable driving your car even when it is inscribed with the Miss Uganda label?stronYes, I am very comfortable. The only disaantage with having these logos engraved on the car is that I cannot drive to certain places because it easily “reports” me.

stronWho washes your car?stronI do it by myself every Sunday because it is like doing an exercise. If I am not able to, my 19-year-old nephew, Daniel helps me out.

stronWhen do you normally service it?stronI service it according to the mileage. I have had it serviced about three times now ever since I was crowned Miss Uganda. Servicing is done at City Oil, Bombo Road.

stronAnd who meets the servicing expenses?stronIt is Redds.

stronDid you know how to drive before becoming Miss Uganda?stronI knew how to drive just a little bit after a few friends taught me. After I was crowned last year in August, I went to Prestige Driving School and polished my skills for three months. Afterwards, I started driving myself.

stronWhat kind of means of transport were you using then before being crowned? stronMy mother, Ms Angella Nakiyonga, used to drive me a lot and whenever she was unable to, I would use boda bodas.

stronHow was your first experience when you started alone?stronIt was very scary. I made quite a number of mistakes because I was timid. Fortunately, there was somebody seated in the passenger seat and was very helpful in rectifying some of those errors that I made.

stronHave you ever got lost while driving?stronYes, I have ever. I got lost in Naguru while I was driving back home to Makindye, a Kampala suburb. The reason was because I was not familiar with the routes in the area.

stronWhat did you do when this happened?stronAt that time, I was in traffic and happened to see a friend on the opposite lane. I made a signal towards his direction and later told him I was lost. He later gave me the appropriate directions back home.

stronAre you supposed to return the car to the organisers after your reign later on this year?stronNo, I am not. The car will remain mine. Once that time comes and it is in my full possession. It is rather a silly idea but I would love to add eyelashes on its headlights as well as put the Miss Uganda logo on the bonnet.

stronWhat do you love mostly about the car?stronI love the fact that it is a Mercedes-Benz A190 and I am the first Miss Uganda to win this particular type of car. The 201112 winner had a Toyota spacio while the 201213 front runner had a red Toyota Raum.

stronAnd the fuel consumption ratio of your car isstronHonestly, I do not know. But what I can tell you is that I normally put Shs50,000 and this can take me for a period of three days. Redds, still takes care of these expenses.

stronAre there any other people who drive this car besides you?stronYes, the Miss Uganda team does and this even includes Ms Brenda Nanyonjo, the Miss Uganda organiser. She has her own car but at times hers may not be available, so I lend her mine.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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