‘I am still learning how to drive it’

How have you been able to maintain your car?
I have a specific mechanic who owns a workshop in Kamwokya. When this car incurs any mechanical problem, he either comes home to repair it or he comes to pick it from home and repairs it from his workshop.

Did you buy it or someone passed it onto you?
I bought it from the United States of America. I imported it a few months back.

How do you cope with its maintenance?
I have to make sure that I check the oil regularly, the radiators have to be filled with water all the time, and the spark plug has to be functional as well. As an old type of car, it always has many mechanical issues so I have got to keep every part of it in good condition.

When do you drive it?
I drive it only over the weekends around town and for a shorter time of the day.

Have you received any offers from people wanting to buy it?
I have received quite many of them but am not willing to sell it. Even if someone is hiring it for any function, I do not hire it out.

Where do you get the spare parts?
I have not had to buy any spare parts yet because I imported it when it was fully serviced but when I have to do so, I specifically have to import them from America.

Where did you get the inspiration to buy this car?
I am just a car fan. When I look at a car and I feel like I should drive it or I have loved it, I save money and buy it.

Do you share it with your friends?
It really is a difficult car to drive because I am personally still learning how to drive it. I am under learning lessons by my mechanic.

What is the engine size of your car?
Honestly, I do not know the engine size yet.

Is it manual or automatic?
It’s a manual car with two gears.

Does it use petrol or diesel?
It uses diesel.

What is the year of manufacture?
It was manufactured in 1927.

Which catergory does it fall in?
It is a vintage car.

How long have you been with it?
It is approximately three months now.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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