I am ready for disciplinary action over Vatican trip, says Musumba

LUUKA- Forum for Democratic Change vice president Salaamu Musumba has said it was an oversight on her part to travel to the Vatican with President Museveni without informing the party’s secretariat.

Ms Musumba, however, said she is ready to face the party’s disciplinary committee and explain the matter.

“I do not regret going to meet Pope because I am a staunch Catholic and I do not have to consult anyone for being a Catholic,” Ms Musumba, who is also the Kamuli District chairperson, said.

“The only oversight was not notifying my party secretariat to know that I was out of the country and for that, I am ready to face the (disciplinary)ommittee,” she added.

Ms Musumba conceded that her action could have created a negative impression among fellow party leaders and supporters that she was now in bed with the ruling party.

Ms Musumba made the comments in an interview with Daily Monitor on the sidelines of a thanksgiving ceremony held by former Luuka County MP Meddie Mulumba at the weekend in Luuka District. Mr Mulumba was thanking Allah for successfully completing a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Asked why she chose to move in the President’s entourage, Ms Musumba said it was a rare opportunity for her to represent the Local Government Associations in the Vatican and to meet the Pope.

Ms Musumba, however, distanced herself from talk that she is returning to NRM, saying the reasons that caused her departure have never been resolved.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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