I am out of politics but support govt – Garuga

Kanungu. Former politician and businessman James Musinguzi Garuga has said he opted out of elective politics but supports the government and will now devote his energy to development politics.
“For the time being, I will support the government Ugandans have put in place,” Mr Garuga said in an interview with journalists at Savana Airstrip in Kanungu District at the weekend.
“I resigned from politics in 2006. I am not into elective politics (anymore). I am into development politics now,” he added.
Mr Garuga’s laid back posture on elective politics is not what most people in Kanungu, where he commands an overwhelming following because of his tea growing and processing projects, would be happy to hear.
“As for elective politics, the people will have to find someone else,” he said when asked if he will ever consider offering himself again to serve in any elective political position in future.
Mr Garuga said he is not worried that the current political tension and the fallout among the NRM top leaders could result into political anarchy.
Last Saturday he opened a 10 km -18 hole Golf Course near Savana Airstrip in Kihihi Town.
He said the airstrip receives 90-100 flights a month and the number would increase with more tourism, leisure services and facilities opening up in the district.
“Kanungu has been opening up to tourists. We have a lot of birds, we have two national parks (Queen Elizabeth and Bwindi), and lodges have since grown from two to 18. This golf course we are opening today is an addition to the package that Kanungu offers,” Mr Garuga said.
He said these facilities added to tea farming and the factories, the people of Kanungu are gaining a lot through jobs and generating income to the local governments.
Mr Garuga, however, said lack of power and good roads are threatening sustainability of these investments and projects. “We have no roads, we have no bridges. The biggest problem is poor power supply. We are almost closing the factories. We have Ishasha Power Dam but those who constructed it in their wisdom never put a power substation,” he said.
“We are hopeful that those in elective politics love our country and at least will not plunge us into chaos,” Mr Garuga said.
Mr Garuga, had reportedly been a key financier for FDC party during its formative stages.
in 2001, he contested for Kinkizi West MP seat against former prime minister Amama Mbabazi and lost.

Museveni criticises Garuga
Speaking in Kanungu on July 2, President Museveni, spoke positively about Mr Garuga’s role in the rural people’s economic improvement. He, however, criticised him for his earlier association with FDC, its founder and the NRM’s most outspoken critic Dr Kizza Besigye. “There is Garuga, but in leadership he had squinted eyes. He went to FDC. And we said you are bringing Besigye, will he manage? We stopped and refused him, and said where Uganda is you can’t destroy it. He changed…” Mr Museveni said.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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