I am in the middle of operation getting myself out of dodge.

It is harder than I had imagined considering I have known this man for like what? Five minutes?

It turns out that Tracy Chapman song he was fond of humming to is now stuck in my head. It is now an ear worm that sends my mind into a frenzy of flash backs, mainly of his smile and oh so perfect words.

To my eternal frustration, I can no longer keep the whole UB40 playlist because one day while shuffling through my music he mentioned he especially liked it and replayed it. Thank God we did not have an opportunity to bond longer before we had to part. Who knows, maybe I would be here trying to exercise parts of my body, or even attempting a DIY exorcism. I cannot go to one of my favourite hangouts either because we met there in the recent past.

And I may need to forget about a certain sweater which somehow ended up at his place. You may be wondering what happened to looking the other way he is really cute. I have always believed if someone shows you who they are the first time, believe them. This is me walking the talk.

I will take a lot of things but not being played like a baby. After thinking about it, I prefer if he just reappeared without an explanation, you know like the typical bad boy. That is another prospect turned into yet another story to tell my grandchildren. Story of my life! Meanwhile, a friend of mine who is privy to the latest developments thinks this has got to be the hardest time to be dating.

Such few happy examples. So little to choose from yet unfortunately we have been taught and raised to have such high standards. I think she is right on the money.

The odds are already stacked against single women in this town which mean almost any relationship you attempt to get into will end in disaster. Chances are that you and the man in question are after completely different things. He is probably after quick gratification while you are looking for the man who will finally make your mother the mother of the bride.

There is also the matter of baggage assuming it is not the first relationship for both of you. It ranges from children on both or one partner from past relationships and or a crazy estranged spouse. Then there is the economics of courting and dating in the cool places in this economy.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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