How to Overcome That Feeling of Rejection [analysis]

You have experienced rejection at any one time in your life, be it in your career, in love or amongst your friends. Some people throw themselves into God and religion to heal faster, others go into self-destruction mode, binge eating and drinking alcohol, while others search for a positive in all the negativity. JOHNSON GRACE MAGANJA talked to some radio and TV personalities on how they have handled rejection:

Jaq Deweyi, KFM:

I will take my young music career, for example as an artiste and an emerging one at that, we receive all kinds of rejection, starting with the producers, the presenters at the different media houses, etc.

I mean, they will reject your song, but how you take that rejection matters. For me, I make sure I find out why they have rejected my song and use their reasons to improve on what I didn’t do right. At the end of the day, not all rejection is bad sometimes it helps us get better.

Angellah Nabadda, WBS TV:

Rejection is a very bad thing which I believe every human being goes through inevitably. But once it comes, it [could be] calling for a personal analysis. Most times you are being warned to leave or find ways of improving what you are doing because you are either outdated, have overstayed or don’t belong there. When I am rejected, I check myself in that sense for the better.

Jackie Lumbasi, Capital FM:

The best way to deal with rejection is to appreciate oneself more. Tell oneself you’re better than society thinks. If anyone rejects you, it is their loss, not yours. With such an attitude, there will be a lot of positive vibe exuded and rejection will suddenly transform to appreciation people will want to associate.

Tendo Tabel (Titie), CBS FMTitie’s Show, NBS TV:

Rejection from anybody else has only motivated me. The only rejection that has broken me was my dad’s. But although it broke me in the first years, later I realised I had to go on with or without a father! I got on my feet which wished I had earlier done that instead of throwing myself on someone who was embarrassed to have me!

Sarah Zawedde, musician:

It happened only once and I made myself busy and forgot about it!

Anita Fabiola, NTV, Be My Date:

Rejection is part of life and everyone goes through it at one point in their life. Personally, it pushes me to aim higher and work harder. I never take it personally, because everyone has an opinion but opinions are the cheapest commodities so, they never dictate my life.

My life rule is: Positive mind, positive life. So, there’s no room for negativity.

Source : The Observer


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