How to make use of repair manuals

My reasonable journeys into the car repair world and little time spent with spanner size 10, there is often mention of referring to the service or repair manual. When it comes to replacement of something legitimately uncomplicated, undemanding and perhaps simple like an air filter or an oil filter change, the process is more or less universal.

A service or repair manual is probably a good idea when it comes time to tackle a more obscure task like aligning and fine tuning the electronic throttle control system on newer cars to that sweet idle.

These repair manuals go as far as telling you the procedure to confirm failure of an electronic component with use of a millimetre. While there is certainly a large part of the ordinary mechanic crew who will generally make an attempt at fixing anything and everything no matter what the procedure, car specific instructions can be a good thing when it comes to things like non service parts.

Different books
There are more or less two kinds of books when it comes to car repair. The first and most expensive are the factory service manuals. These are the same books used at the dealership to help fix naughty electrical components and vacuum leaks. Next in line is another kind of service manual.
Some Chinese and more legit companies like Haynes and Chiltons use factory service manuals along with cameras and writers to dismantle then reassemble cars to produce their own repair books. These are usually geared more toward the occasional mechanic. The other book which is not really a service manual but more a user manual is one you usually find in the glove compartment.

Networking with others
One of the best ways to gather information about a particular make and model of car is to join a community that already exists specifically online.
If you are the proud owner of something worthy of having its own message board then chances are good that someone truly dedicated (or similarly afflicted) has spent the time to either scan in the pages of the service manual, or host a digital version for members.

Another great feature of Internet forums devoted to a particular machine is that someone has likely had the same mechanical problem before and outlined a way to fix it.

Language issues
The biggest problem for Ugandans is that many cars are Japanese domestic models (JDM) thus there is no discernible forum you would join with simple Googling or the one you will find shall be in Japanese. Fortunately, some JDM cars have European cousins like the way Harrier is the with Lexus RX, Aristo is with the Lexus GS, Altezza is with the Lexus IS, Kluger is with the Toyota Highlander etc.

A quick scan of the eBay shall reveal literally hundreds of car service and repair manuals. Some of these are of the factory service variety. Others, are of the China, Haynes or Chiltons kind. You shall also run into CD-ROM style deals floating around. While the average driver might not need a service manual, the enthusiast surely does.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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