How to become an overnight success

Are you one those people inspired by overnight success stories? I have read a couple of stories describing the journey of such personalities. So, if you wish you were in their shoes, then, just know that there is a way to get there. Here is a tried out formula.
Work hard. When the rest are sleeping, keep working. Put in the hours while the rest are gossiping. While the rest are complaining and wondering what needs to be done, you are one step ahead. Keep doing what needs to be done even when you do not feel like it. Even when the world says that you are crazy you keep going.

You have to be patient and know that it will take a while to materialise. All major success take time. You need the spirit of the farmer who knows that everything takes time. Think like an expectant mother. She knows it’s not like taking a shower. It is a long journey even though the time frame is known. Yours may not be known but still it is the spirit of patience.

Keep improving
Improve on what you did yesterday. Make a better job than you did last month. Work at creating better moments and experiences on your work. Improve your project and whatever mission you are on. That is the stuff legendary results are made of.

Keep encouraging yourself
There will be challenging times. There are times when you will feel like giving up. Instead keep encouraging yourself and promising yourself that things will work out. One day that breakthrough will come.

The fruits of your sweat and sleepless nights will be manifest. Then, and only then will you finally have the breakthrough and the media will be writing about you how you are a sensational overnight success. The satisfaction of knowing that a lot of hard work and thought was put in the whole process will leave you satisfied.
It will still be worth it. That all those days, months and years finally paid off. There you have it, a formula on how to become an overnight success. Good luck.

The writer is the CEO of Success Africa. Ethan.