How online platforms can be used for successful job search

With the skyrocketing levels of youth unemployment in Uganda currently reported at 32.2percent, any available opportunity that offers a seemingly successful job search is always welcome.
The hunger for job placement is on the increase as more and more youth graduate from Universities and tertiary institutions across the country and yet the number of jobs they can take on is relatively low.
Currently, the Uganda labour force is estimated to be 9.8 million for persons aged 14-64 years and yet 75% of these are youth below 40 years of age, creating a huge employment gap in the economy.
According to Joshua Mugisha, Marketing Manager, an online job search platform, currently unemployed Ugandans need to follow the changing trends to find jobs.

‘There has been a change in the job market place in such that the traditional way of having to meet potential employers through persons that you know is no longer the only option since the internet now offers global job opportunities both in Uganda and beyond,” he said.
Mugisha said, ‘, has over 1,000 fresh jobs posted onto their site every month, with over 10,000 jobs attained off ‘our platforms across East Africa’.
“We have the largest database of qualified job seekers as well as the highest number of fresh jobs. We support employers reach the best talent in the market with the lowest effort possible with over 500 clients served so far” He said.
“We have simplified recruitment processes across all industries such that all one needs is an internet enabled device such as a laptop, smart phone, tablet or Ipad to either post or access a job, something that favours both potential employers and employees,” he added.
Sylvia Nyambura a journalist explained that she used Career Point and Glass Door online job connection agencies to seek employment in the past. She noted that online agencies are convenient ways to search for jobs.
“Online job connection forums make it convenient for people to look for jobs,” she said, adding, “You can apply for as many as 10 jobs at the same time. The only challenge on a few forums maybe is that you don’t really have an idea of who has seen your CV.”

Irene Birungi Mugisha the Director Communication, Marketing and Membership Development Federation of Uganda Employers explained that in the past, online recruitment was the exclusive domain of the technologically savvy, the curious and the ultra-sophisticated. Today, however, we see that companiesorganizations in Uganda are embracing new technology to fast truck efficiency and enhance productive as an objective for a successful organization.
“This medium tried, tested and proven to be true and more importantly indispensable, professional recruiters and employers alike are becoming more comfortable in relying on job portals as part of a primary source of professional talent both on a stand-alone basis and in some cases to complement traditional hiring methods,” she noted.
She further added that online job sites are good since they complement other channels [traditional channels] of recruitment. However, Ms Mugisha observed that the online platforms do not create more job opportunities per se, but increases access to information for the urban youth who can access internet. They simply make information more available to job seekers.
“They are also less costly for employers to post jobs compared to other channels. They will benefit job seekers more when they start to undertake job matching services,” she said.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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