How MPs dodge work at Parliament

With Speaker Rebecca Kadaga taking firm action against two MPs who have recurrently missed House activities without permission, other members have ducked into their bag of tricks and devised ways of outsmarting her.
Much like the bird which learnt to fly without perching when men mastered the art of shooting without missing, members can these days be seen dashing into committee meeting rooms, scribbling their names in the registration book and then bolting off.
Though the Speaker had warned that she had got wind of this trickery, some members do not seem to be willing to fall into line.

Last week as the Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises inquired into the National Housing and Construction Corporation, Budiope West MP, John Bosco Mubito sauntered into the conference room and quickly reached out for the registration book. He hurriedly wrote his name, passively watched proceedings briefly and then dashed out.
Deception has become a common habit amongst members, ideally expected to be honourable.
In August, Daily Monitor published the Committee Activity Database report indicating majority MPs have attended less than 10 meetings out of an expected average of at least 60 sittings held for both sessional and standing committees over a seven-month period.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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