How do I get rid of back pain after childbirth?

Dear Doctor: I gave birth three months ago. But one month later, I developed pain around my upper back. I have taken painkillers such as zerodol and piroxicam, but the pain cannot go away. I was told it could last forever. Is this possible? I need help.


Dear Carol: Back pain may result from several causes including problems with the back tissues.

That said, pregnancy causes a woman to adopt an unusual posture and with the weight of the growing baby, that may lead to back pain.

After a woman has given birth, it is expected that there will be normalisation of posture, which then eases such pain. But sometimes, this may take longer than expected especially when a mother mostly breastfeeds while lying on the bed.

Upper back pain can also result from peptic ulcers that are usually related to acid reflux, in which case, painkillers such as piroxicam and zerodol worsen the condition.

You should undergo proper medical investigation and treatment. In the meantime, a massage and engaging in breastfeeding while seated straight can ease the pain.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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