How dare you deny a woman conjugal rights!

Women are fond of saying, all men are the same. But, I can prove that a Ugandan man is so different from his Kenyan brother.

Last week, Kenyan men staged a sex boycott. If you haven’t heard about that, I must say these guys overstretched their creativity!

A pressure group comprising men (yes, a men’s pressure group)alled for a sex demo — marginalisation of men — whatever they meant.

Maendeleo Ya Wanaume (development for men) asked men in Kenya to boycott sex for a day. A day later, the chairman came out to give feedback on the progress of the riot. He said the boycott was a success, and it was to be extended due to public demand (by men).
As a man, I know about giving excuses. But they must be reasonable and appropriate. But the Kenyan excuse is too much.

And the Kenyan woman is not happy with her man either – many have complained to me that the sons of Mumbi are negligent – often forgetting their responsibilities. That’s why a Ugandan or Nigerian man is a hot cake in Kenya. True story. It is unmanly to deny your woman conjugal rights.
Don’t rush to make conclusions until I tell you what I mean.

Well, I understand most Kenyan women are assertive, and some are too loud for comfort. However, I cannot absolve the Kenyan brother for failing in his roles. So I suggest that Uganda starts exporting men to help in the spirit of building the East African Community.

There are times men don’t feel like it: “I have to wake up early tomorrow”, or, “I am too tired today” yet what he actually means is, I am off form. And therefore – the Kenyan boycott can only mean the men across the border are not on form – but this has been going on for too long.

Secondly, I know that a woman who is treated well by her husband gets respect in return. If women are marginalising men, then, it means those men are “useless” to them.

The bottom line: Kenyan men have issues to iron out with their women, but have failed. And like we stepped up to sort out the South Sudan conflict, we should also send some troops to quell this riot in Kenya.

As a young man, I spent some years in Kenyatta’s land. The question my Kenyan friends often asked was why Ugandan women kneel down to greet men. I didn’t have a good answer then. I was young and naïve.

I knew kneeling down was a sign of respect, and it is culture. Along the way I have come to realise that you cannot get a woman kneel down for you if she is taking care of your brood, and paying your rent.

A man should act a man if he wants to earn respect from the ladies. Be responsible, and you will get whatever you want. Be negligent, and you will be treated like a doormat. That is the lesson the rioters in Kenya need to know. And I am sure the Ugandan and Kenyan women know something that Kenyan men have no idea about.

A man who throws tantrums over sex like they are doing, is no man at all. Sex is a serious man’s business. The same is one who plays hide and seek after he gets her pregnant. Because the Kenyan man has played truant for too long, the Kenyan woman does not care about the boycott.

Remember in September when she went on social media to name and shame. A Facebook community page Deadbeat dads exposed men who father children, and go AWOL. Imagine if a woman must post your face to get you take care of your children! This is why this demo is the Joke of the Year for men who have already been declared deadbeat fathers.

I pity women with men who turn up only to procreate. That is why men made in Uganda, should step in, in the spirit of EAC brotherhood.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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