How Can I Guard Against My Vehicle Catching Fire?

Without a doubt, vehicles catching fire are a daily occurrence the world over.

And this happens in different ways. A fire could start slowly or break out abruptly it could be caused by negligence or an accident. However, in most cases when fire erupts in your vehicle, it will take you by surprise and by the time you react, it has engulfed the entire vehicle. That is why it is important to secure your vehicle by reducing fire risks, either by carrying out proper maintenance or by taking out an insurance policy against it.

But what risks are we talking about here? What are some of the things that easily lead to a fire outbreak in vehicles? These are some of the reasons that often lead to fire outbreaks in vehicles:

Anything that decreases the cooling system’s ability to absorb heat could be the cause of overheating. We should be well aware that whenever the engine is running, it tends to generate a lot of heat, and heat should always be controlled. But whenever this aspect fails when it is needed, it could lead to a fire.

A regular vehicle battery can cause problems too. The battery’s charging cycles produce hydrogen, which is a rather explosive gas, as a byproduct. Any leaked electrical current in the battery could produce sparks that can instantly ignite the explosive vapours.

Highly flammable substances in liquid form. These include engine oils, transmission fluids, power steering fluids, brake fluids and, to some extent, engine coolants. When these come into contact with any heated parts in the vehicle by exiting their host systemsstorage containers, fire could easily break out.

Driver’s behaviours. In many cases when there has been improper maintenance of the vehicle, unnecessary racing and unwarranted modifications to the vehicle, has led to the cause of fires in vehicles.

Improperunnecessary wiring in the vehicle could also lead to the vehicle catching fire, most especially if the wiring is done by an incompetent technician.

Any fuel leakage that leads to the fuel coming into contact with any heated vehicle parts could spark off a fire, since fuels, especially petrol, are highly flammable.

The other ones could be accidents, short circuits, misfiring engines and possibly fan belts rubbing against any part of the vehicle would start fires.

Therefor, one should not take a vehicle’s overheating, stray wires, any kind of highly- flammable oil leakages in the vehicle lightly, as they could be the reason your vehicle catches fire, and you being caught unawares.

Source : The Observer

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