How Acholi chief position came to be

I wish to respond to Rwot Onen David Achana II’s assertion that people should back off his throne which he inherited from his father Rwot Justin Achana I which by implication puts him as the Paramount chief of Acholi.
Does he know Acholi history very well? Acholi did not at any point in their existence have a paramount chief position. This is why as opposed to Buganda, Bunyoro, Tooro and Ankole, which have centralised systems of governance, Acholi, Lango, Teso, Alur, Madi had decentralised systems of governance which by characteristic means no clan had supreme authority.

There were corporations based on understanding between clans over emerging challenges where chiefdoms can come together to fight a cause and thereafter continue with their lives. Chiefs like Olya of Atiak, Awich of Payira and many others were known for such mobilisation against such challenges that affected all Acholi.
The current position of Paramount chief was just a mere creation as a result of the armed conflict that ravaged Acholi and in the Kacoke madit in land. The need to restore chiefdoms were discussed and resolved knowing that most of the people fighting in LRA had connection with their chiefs and it was thought the LRA would listen to their elders. At the back of the mind, another thought occurred that having numerous power centres would divide Acholi.

They were also looking for someone who would speak for Acholi given that both religious and political leaders were fused in their inter-conflict over domination of another and the idea of a key figure with Acholi mandate was later agreed upon. This is precisely how we arrived at this position.
Rwot George William Lugai never ever engaged in wrangling for position of the paramount chief with Rwot Achana II as purported. What happened though was that when Achana went for studies in London, Lugai who was then his assistant, assumed office as paramount chief.

You have made many of us build a republican philosophy. No one wants an irrelevant structure that is there only to exhort money and impacts nothing on the lives of its people.
Ouma Opwonya,
Online reader

SOURCE: Daily Monitor