Hospital X-ray, scan machines lying idle

Nakaseke. Authorities at Nakaseke Hospital are forced to turn away several patients who need Ultra-Sound and X-ray services since the machines broke down four months ago. The hospital needs Shs10 million to repair the machines currently lying idle.

Officials say the hospital cannot make diagnosis and treat patients with fractures, dislocations among other health complications without X-ray assessment. About 180 patients turn up for Ultra-sound scan services while more than 200 seek X-ray services machine at the hospital a month.

“We refer some patients to Kampala because the X-ray machine at Kasana Health centre in Luweero District is also down. We have already communicated to the Ministry of Health for possible intervention as well as appealled to friends of Nakaseke Hospital to come to our rescue,” Mr Ntumwa Matovu, a hospital administrator, told the Daily Monitor.

The hospital authorities approached Medical Equipment Consultants Limited, the only authorised firm that services, repairs and fixes Philips Medical Equipment in Uganda and they were asked for Shs10 million to repair the two machines.

“We cannot afford this money as a hospital because we have a recurrent budget which only helps in paying medical bills, compound cleaning, and provision of some meals to patients. Our hopes are now fixed on government through the Health ministry and well wishers,” Mr David Ssemakula, the senior hospital administrator, said.

More problemsThe hospital’s standby generator recently broke down causing patients and medical personnel to use candles at night since the power supply is unstable. “The situation is very bad. We hope the generator will soon be serviced to avoid scenarios where you can lose a patient in case power goes off during an operation”, a medic who spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not authorised to speak on behalf of the hospital, said.


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