Homosexuality in Catholic Schools Irks Masaka Bishop

The Bible clearly condemns homosexuality as a pervasion.

Yet what is bothering the bishop of Masaka diocese, Rt Rev John Baptist Kaggwa, is that the vice is entrenched in church-founded schools. He decries many school administrations giving up the teachings of the church, to run the schools against the interests the founding body’s interests.

“Promoters of homosexuality claim to be speaking in the name of safeguarding human rights, but the church will not tolerate human rights that compromise morality,” Kaggwa said.

He was delivering his homily during the Masaka Catholic Diocesan teachers’ day at Kitovu sports arena on November 8.

“The rate of homosexuality in [church-founded] schools is alarming I have thus instituted a committee to investigate these reports and I will not hesitate to expel head teachers of schools where evidence of such acts will be found,” the prelate said.

“I was approached by some school heads with requests that we change the status of the schools from single- sex to mixed schools in order to deal with homosexuality.”

“That alone is a confirmation of your incompetence as a head teacher. How can you come to the bishop over such a matter? It means you cannot counsel the students and it is better for you to leave for someone else who can manage,” he added.

Masaka diocese has at least six single-sex schools and at least one – St Charles Lwanga Kasasa – was recently turned from an all-boys school to a mixed school. Fr Joseph Kasangaki, the diocese’s communications director, told The Observer that the investigation is to be led by the diocesan education secretariat.

“We are now saying, the church’s teachings must be respected,” Fr Kasangaki said.

Source : The Observer

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