HIV fight: Ibanda recruits ‘male champions’ campaign


A village security meeting in Kaliro District turned into a bloody scene when a resident hacked to death the village chairperson.

Dathan Kasiko had called a council meeting in Madibira ‘A’ village, Namwiwa Sub-county to discuss increasing insecurity in the area, which had seen one person killed under unclear circumstances. According to eye witnesses, a man had carried his machete wrapped in a polythene paper to the meeting.

When Kasiko finished reading the agenda of the meeting, the suspect reportedly stood up and charged at the deceased, claiming the latter did not have the moral authority to preside over such a meeting.

Eyewitnesses said the man accused Kasiko of practicing sorcery. “You bewitched my father, but you are now here pretending to convene a meeting to find a solution to our problems,” the suspect reportedly shouted, before cutting the deceased’s head.

The district police commander, Mr Julius Magobolo, said other residents looked on with terror as the man hacked the LC leader.

“The residents seemed to have been scared because the suspect cut the deceased without anybody rescuing him and he was just left to disappear after committing the offence,” Mr Magobolo said.He said the police have launched a man-hunt for the suspect.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor