Her friends thought I was a good-for-nothing loser

My plan was to visit my girlfriend at her hostel for an hour or two. I had absolutely no idea of what was waiting for me. See, there is this “strength in numbers” that makes even the usually most cowardly grow wings. The cowardly creatures in this case were a bunch of secondary school children in my girlfriend’s room. She was not there, and I should not have entered the moment I realised that. But, one of them, an innocent-looking little thing convinced me that Susan, (that’s my girlfriend) was just next door and she would be back in a ‘jiffy’.
So I walked in and sat down, and feeling edgy, I got out my phone to call Susan. She was supposed to be here anyway. The moment I whipped out my phone, one of them grabbed it and started oohing about how neat it was. And she asked if I could give it to her. Of course, NO! I guess that is the moment they decided I was not a good person, because within three minutes, they had turned on me and I was being grilled on why I was dating a student when I was no longer a student myself. Was I a player, or was it a question of self-esteem? Couldn’t I get girls in my working class category? Or was I just a loser, a good-for-nothing person who aimlessly lived through the day, dragging on with my work waiting for the minute to visit my “kid” (that is what they called my Susan, a mature woman with full curves), so I could get an ego boost from a helpless victim.
All through this, I knew I wasn’t obligated to take this nonsense from them or anyone, but somehow, walking out would seem much worse. Plus, they weren’t saying it in an offensive way it was done teasingly, jokingly in fact, prodding me to a corner where I was no longer sure whether they were right or wrong. And, they were marginally right. I really had no business being in that hostel room, (though I had every right to be dating Susan) and honestly, rarely visited her. But they would not believe me now, would they?
I tried holding the fort, but they were persistent like a pack of wild cats – wild little cats in secondary school. Just before I threw in the towel and took off, in walked Susan, and I felt an overwhelming mix of anxiety, happiness and foreboding on seeing her.
The air was charged, and the situation could go either way either she bails me out of this or she sides with them and I am surely done for that. She took one look at me and turned on them like a mother lion defending her cub. In three short sentences, she had them all behaving civilised again. Girls have a way of dealing with fellow girls that we will never grasp.
The evening was done for me, I wanted to go and lick my wounds, preferably in a kafunda somewhere. But, Susan had other plans in mind. She wanted us all to go out that night. I could not imagine spending an entire night with those little devils.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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