Have a mellow Christmas!

Christmas is around the corner and there are various ways we are reminded about it. Several supermarkets are offering amazing discounts on household items while different stores have already put up Christmas sales that will see different buyers walk away with extra goodies.
Amidst all these reminders, how can you make your household glow this Christmas? You can look around for Christmas recipes or borrow ideas on how best to prepare for Christmas from friends and family. As the festive season draws closer, “you can make it even more exciting and suggest a dress code. Let all your meals, plates, napkins and anything else you choose to use reflect the theme,” Ms Gloria Kawuma, an interior designer, says.

The arrangement of seats depends on the number of people you are inviting and how formal or casual you want the occasion to be.
Turn your home into a cozy and colourful interior. Since the living room is the focal point of many residences and it should set the tone for the entire house.
Andrew Mbabazi, an interior designer suggests: “You can have a fireplace with stockings that bring warmth to the interior, a decorated Christmas tree, a colourful lighting installation or a creative message on one of the walls, not forgetting the gift boxes around your Christmas tree, scented candle light and water candles in a bowl on your dining table.”

Colors recommended could be jade, Christmas red or signal red, grass green as rich as that on the Christmas tree, white on the walls. This could be a soft white. Although, keep sofa set colours simple. Go for something that will stay useful even after Christmas such as crafty gray, white leather or brown because they can easily blend.
Lelia Kyomuhangi, the managing director, Albar Catering Services, notes that you will serve the meal depending on what you’re preparing.

“You can prepare everyday dishes such as chicken, rice, beef or matooke and any other dishes of your preference,” she notes that depending on your means, you can display the food in serving dishes and enjoy it as a family.

If it is a get-together, you can opt for serving dishes or use chafing dishes.
“Then everyone can serve small portions or you can get members of the family to serve the guests.” Kyomuhangi says.
Similar to the buffet, you can opt to prepare your traditional delicacies such as Luwombo or kalo, and have them served the traditional way and as such, limit on the use of dishes and cutlery.

Wherever you decide to take the picnic, Kyomuhangi suggests carrying snack eats such as chips, fish fingers, deep fried plantain, and salads as opposed to the buffet kind of food.
“You can carry a roasting stove and roast from the venue. If it is a fun picnic, you make stones and dig holes to make a fire. If this is tedious, you can carry a light gas stove and cook from there. To make everyone involved, you can allocate various dishes to different people. ”

If you settle for a barbeque Christmas meal, you can choose any of these foods such as pork, beef, and chicken. The meal can be accompanied with a simple salad and fruit slices.

Candlelit dinner
Depending on who you will be dining with, candle lit meal is not limited to a number of people at the table.
“You can lay the table and have candles for lights you can place these in lantern holders such that the candle wax does not spill.

Alternatively, you can place candles in various places in the house such that they are the only source of light. Any meal buffet, barbeque can be had over candle light.
Mbabazi recommends the big size scented candles as the preferable source of light. You can place some in your living room and settle for water candles in a bowl on your dining table. However, ensure that the candles you select are in line with the theme colour you selected for your home.




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