Hassan Kigenyi, Motorcyclist [analysis]

The 35-year-old Kigenyi has been in the Boda boda business for over ten years. Though a Primary Two school dropout, Kigenyi says his little education has not deterred him from being a successful and prosperous investor. “In life, you do not need to know everything, just be good at whatever yourself set to do and you will achieve success,” says Kigenyi. He started out by hiring a boda boda motorcycle.

He used his savings to by his own bike. Later, he bought three other motorcycles from which he now gets Shs 180,000 weekly. Though many people despise this business, Kigenyi says that it is a good income generating source, which however comes with its own risks particularly accidents and theft. “People hate and love boda bodas, so you must know how to assure customers of their safety and once you do that, they will be loyal and will also connect you to their friends, work place and that is the best way to get business,” he adds.

Tip to success: Save and invest

After saving for all these years, Kigenyi has four motorcycles plus a plot of land on which he built rentals. From all his investments he gets not less than Shs 40 million per year. He aises salary earners to learn the value of every shilling. Kigenyi is planning to set up more apartments, retire from boda boda riding and diversify his investments for the future benefit his children.

Source : The Independent


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