Has God started confusing the language of NRM members?

A lot has already been said about the sacking of Mr Amama Mbabazi as prime minister of Uganda. What remains unknown is whether the current squabbles in the ruling party, NRM, are just mere bruises of ego or the hand of God is at work.
The story of the Tower of Babel as depicted in Genesis 11:1-9, perhaps gives a good understanding of the events. It narrates the confusion of tongues when descendants of Noah, after reaching a fertile land in a place called Shinar, hatched an ambitious and a competitive plan in defiance of God, to build a city with a tower in the sky to reach God in heaven. The Bible says God became angry with them, confused their language and scattered them all over the world and the city was eventually abandoned.
The question, as posed to Dr Dan Lacich is, “If God is so concerned about unity, then why did He divide people by confusing their language at the Tower of Babel? Was it because people became arrogant?” His answer was, “God certainly desires that people live in unity but it must be for the right purpose and motivation [not unity that has evil as its purpose or whose outcome is not something God desires]. The people of Babel were unified in such a way, that they were working against God’s intent Instead, they had united in to secure their own position and in some way raise themselves up to God. The building of the tower amounted to an assault on heaven. It was a statement saying that they could approach God on their own terms and in some measure as equals.”
These biblical accounts draw our attention to the fact that the current ‘confusion of tongues’ in NRM could be an act of God, and a pointer to the disintegration of the party. How else would one explain a situation where, despite several harmonisation meetings, the party leaders continue to act differently? While some party members are drumming up support for Museveni’s 2016 sole candidature, others are plotting Mbabazi’s presidential bid. As Museveni continues to paint a rosy picture of the economy, others are giving contrary views. At this year’s International Youth Day celebrations in Kanungu, the former premier admitted that Uganda’s dependence ratio is one of the highest, a statement that only helped to paint a bleak picture of an economy that cannot provide opportunities for young people. There are other contradictions. While some want the party’s voter register replaced, others maintain it’s clean.
The question then is: Why would God choose to confuse language of NRM? According to the ‘historicals’ who have since parted ways with the party, NRM, after capturing power, deviated from the initial 10-Point programme and became insensitive to the needs of ordinary people. They also allude to corruption, suppression of peoples’ rights, arrogance, bad policies, intolerance of divergent views, poor service delivery, militarisation of politics, etc., which could have outraged God.
The red line must have been crossed when President Museveni recently made a reference to Daniel’s interpretation of the writing on the wall that clarified the imminent downfall of the Babylonian Kingdom. That reference served two purposes. First, it alluded to the numbered days of NRM or some of the party’s leaders as would be registered in Mbabazi’s exit. Second, it mocked God and portrayed how the President equates his power and ability to cause an end to that of God – a feeling similar to that of architects of the Tower of Babel, who raised themselves to God and felt they can do exactly as God does. The end result was confusion of their language, scattering all over the world and subsequent abandonment of the city. We pray the same fate doesn’t befall NRM and her architects.

Mr Oguzu isn a concerned Uganda. oguzulee@yahoo.com

SOURCE: Daily Monitor