Happy New Year

The onset of the New Year is as amazing as it is scary. It’s funny just how one moment turns into moments, into days, weeks, months and then what was a new year gets to the middle before finally ending and a new year starts. One moon into another moon, one season into another season and before long life moves us on, one moment and one day at a time.

Just the other day we warmly welcomed 2014 and to think that it shall be no more and an issue of the past is quite a difficult thought to comprehend.

By all counts it’s been an interesting year. There have been moments of growth and moments of stagnation. Some days have been warm and bright and yet some have been one moment of gloom upon another. There’s been laughter and there have been many tears too and yet in all the seasons and moments we thank God for carrying us through and for His grace that has made even the toughest moments somewhat more bearable.

The children have grown by leaps and bounds and we have been learning to be better individuals, better friends and better parents.

The year has not been devoid of drama or crazy moments. We have survived the tides and continue to be hopeful and expectant. There have been moments of anger and complete frustration, moments of wondering what tomorrow will bring and yet we hang in there knowing that tomorrow may well be better than today.

Going into a new year brings apprehension, some anxiety about what tomorrow holds. Will tomorrow come and shall we be present to partake of it? What does the future hold? The same questions that we have asked ourselves year in year out. Sometimes we look at today and feel like under achievers, we see all the incomplete tasks and the wishes that remain wishes instead of being our reality. Sometimes it feels like we are the only ones lagging behind and that brings despair.

And yet we must continue soldiering on, aiming to be better than we were yesterday, learning from our past and hoping and believing for a better tomorrow. We aim to stop worrying and fretting and purpose to be more loving and more forgiving. We aim to live a full life of giving back and not stressing about the things we have no control over.

May the Lord make 2015 a year of more fulfilled dreams, a year in which we are more deliberate about our purposes in life and a year in which we continue to build a legacy that will live on beyond our feeble and mortal years. May the Lord bless and keep us in 2015.

Happy New year
­— jmabola@yahoo.com

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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