Guys and chasing the same girl their friend likes

There is this amusing and rather irritating habit that certain guys have. I don’t know if girls do it as well, maybe theirs is more scheming and devilish. I mean, we all know how heartless girls can be, right? The habit I am talking about is when your friend ( alright, the guy you thought was your friend) sees you getting interested in a girl, and making efforts to work out something for yourself, and suddenly, he also realises that he is attracted to beautiful girls, and particularly the girl you are drawn to. So, in the end, it comes off looking like you and your friend are competing for the same girl.

It must be pretty confusing to the girl, and from experience, unless the girl is smart enough to realise that the other guy is just a buffoon, it is a lose-lose situation. I have been there thrice, and I have learned my lesson I keep my girls to myself until we have progressed past that stage where any of my friends might think that he still has a chance. They are my friends, but I can’t take the chance.

The most recent time it happened, I had just met the girl. I was with two of those people that call themselves my friends, but when I met the girl, they went off somewhere. But, it was a matter of time before they would come looking for me.

So I had to devise means to get the girl out of the danger zone. And, with a few well-calculated maneuvers, I managed to convince her that talking in the outer gardens was better than where we currently were. On our way, one of those guys saw us. And he made a beeline for us. I don’t know why that guy always thinks that everytime he sees me with a girl, he has to come and introduce himself.

There were plenty of other girls at the party, but he came over anyway, and totally disregarding the look of extreme hatred on my face, he started yapping away. The girl was polite at first, she guessed I knew the guy, but the way he kept imposing himself in our conversation, she soon got irritated, and well, not even my extremely good aice convincing could save the situation.

She walked off, shaking her head in annoyance. I watched her walk away, and tried with as much self-control not to bash his head with a rock. The situation wasn’t helped by the fact that this guy kept talking, telling me how pretty the girl looks, and wondering why she had walked off.

I couldn’t answer, because the idiot, even with that demonstration of dim-wittedness, still didn’t know what he had done. Some people are naturally like that, it wouldn’t help for me to try and explain it to him. That was three months ago. Recently, he asked me why he no longer sees me with girls… as if the answer to that isn’t obvious.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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