Gun Recovered, Four Men Arrested

Police in Masindi have recovered a sub machine gun and are holding four suspects allegedly responsible for conducting several attacks using the same rifle.

According to Masindi District Police commander Moses Ekudot, the four invaded Maiha prison in Bujenje county on December 16 and stole a magazine of bullets. The same group allegedly attacked Karujubu police post the next day and stole a gun.

Police records indicate that a series of robberies followed, including one at Kibanja on the Kampala-Gulu highway, where a one Scovia Kadogo was robbed of Shs 11m. Ekudot said these robberies prompted them to deploy police and military intelligence as well as civilian informants.

On December 28, one suspect was arrested withShs 2m.

“We were tipped [off] by people in Kabango, Budongo sub-county, Bujenje county, that he was coming to Masindi and then go to Hoima and thereafter [to] Kampala. So, we had to deploy at all road junctions and finally this man was arrested in Masindi taxi park,” Ekudot said.

“He led us to some of his accomplices and also to the place where he was hiding the gun. It was in Kabango in a bush and we recovered it.”

From the suspect’s home, Police also recovered Shs 3m, which they consider to be part of the Shs 11m robbed from Scovia Kadogo. Ekudot declined to name the suspects, for fear of jeopardizing investigations. Meanwhile, the two officers on duty at the time the gun was stolen from Karujubu police post are still in custody.

Source : The Observer


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