Groom on small budget

You want to be that eye candy that she will proudly present as her husband on the biggest event of your life- your wedding day.
There are many ways to look good without having to pay an arm and a leg for that day. Be that groom that will not splurge on a suit but still look smart.
If you are looking for a suit that will not cost much, storm places like Kiyembe in downtown Kampala. John Kanakulya, a tailor at Joby General Traders, says if you are working on a tight budget, you can get a suit made from as low as Shs 150, 000.
Labour and material could cost you from Shs 150,000 depending on the size and fabric.
For the imported suit, Kanakulya says, consider Shs 200,000 and above. A shirt in the arcades downtown will cost between Shs25,000 to Shs50, 000.
If you are looking for a classier and imported suit you will part with Shs450,000. Josephine Nabatanzi, a sales manager of Crown Garments at Grand Imperial Hotels, says the shop offers high quality suits that cost between Shs450,000 and Shs900,000. A shirt will cost between Shs100,000 and Shs180,000
“If you are working on a tight budget, spend more on the suit. The best man and groomsmen can buy a similar suit but in less expensive fabric.
According to tie the a groom must keep organised and should start saving for a suit as early as possible. If you fail to come up with the money, you can wear one of your old suits as long as it looks nice. Do not stress over your attire you can still look nice on a small budget.


The pocket square
This could be the pop of colour element in your wedding look. Have it in an exciting print like polka dots, or floral. Place this on your jacket, and you could choose to add a tie, or even go tieless.

The blazer
Stay away from the traditional suits in dark shades and opt for some coloured pieces. For instance you could match your white pants with blue suede or even a maroon jacket. Try not to be too flashy, as this distracts the eye.

The shoes
Tan should be your number one option here. It’s the new black so , embrace a little style evolution. You can wear your brogues, loafers, or even the dress shoes in tan.
by Gloria Haguma

Shopper’s guide
Tuxedo –Shs900, 000
Suit- Shs450,000 upwards
Bow tie-Shs30, 000
Tie- Shs50, 000
Shirt- Shs 150,000 –Shs 180,000

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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