Greedy politicians to blame for Africa’s refugee crisis – minister

Luweero. The State Minister for Relief and Disaster Preparedness has attributed the refugee crisis in Africa to selfish individuals and groups who centralise power to themselves.
Mr Musa Ecweru said as long as certain groups of people continue holding onto power under the pretext of being democratic, many people will continue to be displaced as a result of conflicts.
“As Africans, we have a big governance deficit. We should not pretend and as long as there are individuals and groups monopolising power, there will always be problems[refugees].that is the case for DR Congo, South Sudan,and as Uganda, we need to be ready to avoid a situation of sliding back where we came from,” Mr Ecweru said.
The minister made the remarks at the launch of the Global Humanitarian Assistance Report in Kampala last week.
The report, among others, highlights the global 2013 crises and how the world responded to them in terms of humanitarian assistance.
Mr Ecweru said some refugees coming to Uganda are problematic as evidenced in rival tribes, mainly from South Sudan, fighting over resources provided by the government. He pledged to lobby for the establishment of a radio station in northern Uganda to help humanitarian organisations communicate to refugees easily.

Uganda lauded
Mr Daniel Graymore, the head of Department for International Development (DFID) Uganda, congratulated the government for what he termed as good policies for handling refugees.
“Uganda has established a model for other countries in handling refugees,” Mr Graymore said.
Uganda is currently home to about 140,000 refugees from South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, who live in camps spread across the country.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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